Gas Can Co. Brand Ambassadors are envoys acting as a living image on behalf of the brand and its foundation values. Brand Ambassadors should be highly motivated individuals hell bent on the promotion of superior performance and the encouragement of an exciting, passionate, purposeful lifestyle. We are a 100% enthusiast owned and operated business dedicated to producing only the highest-level quality apparel. [AUTO MOTO GEAR]. Upon approval, Brand Ambassadors will receive a discount code to list in their social media accounts and bios to promote reduced pricing on merchandise and receive kick ass commission through the sale of all Gas Can Co. gear. Brand Ambassadors are subject to terms of agreement upon application approval and will receive a contract and terms of benefits agreement outlining all the kick ass perks we offer our Gas Can Co. family including retail discounts on purchases and exclusive pre-sales on new items. Additionally, we offer Brand Ambassadors only invites to social events, meet ups and newsletters letting our savage family know what’s in the works for the Gas Can Co. empire. All Rebels, Hell Raisers, Adrenaline Junkies, Mavericks and true American Rogues are encouraged to apply to represent this enthusiast founded small business hell bent on promoting a life so full of adventure!!


Brand Ambassadors Application

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Include anything else you'd like us to know as well!



Address: (Street)________________________________ (Apt/Unit)________ 


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(E-Mail address) ________________________________________________

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Please include a personal statement, something short, that explains why you love the brand and why you think you’d be a great addition to our team! Please attach 2-3 photos that you think speak to how your look and personality matches our brand.


For additional questions or inquiries please contact us at