You shirt shredders must be the next Tej Roberts, since you're already snapping awesome photos using GasCanCo tees, stickers, and gear. Why not be rewarded for it?

So what's the deal? Well, we've dealt with enough used car salesman to really appreciate simplicity. Simply put, if we like your picture and get permission to use it on our social media and sites, you'll be on your way to kickass discounts!

1. Snap a pic of you with favorite GasCanCo. gear that screams #Gascanco. Heck, it could be a picture of an awesome ride too, but GCC gear pics speaks to our ears the most.

2. Share said picture on Twitter or Instagram with hashtag #GasCanCo. If you're really feeling generous, @theGasCanCo & #GasCanco will show us some extra love and help our spotters find your sweet pics.

3. Wait! We know, it's like waiting for Santa. But rather than apexing our way through your chimney, if we like your pic, a team GCC crewmember will message you on social media to get your permission to use it.

4. Profit! Once we've reached out to you on social media and received your permission, we'll send you a 10% discount coupon code good for your next purchase!

We've got enough torque to do the heavy-lifting, so all you have to do is keep the pics coming! This ain't no fancy contest or sweepstakes either, just game recognizing game. So what are ya waiting for?!

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