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The Adamantium Tow Strap

Much like the Near indestructible metal, The Adamantium Tow Strap will stand up in the garage & look sick in the streets!  Making use of the 1/4" Steel plate along with Military Grade Nylon, your sure to never destroy this!  

Send us a picture of you rockin' The Adamantium Tow Strap to use on our site, and we'll send you a discount code for your next purchase!

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  • Durable Embroidered Nylon/Polyester
  • 1/4" Steel Plate
  • Exclusive GCC, Development Design & Engineering
  • Includes: Mounting Bolt & Zip Ties.
  • NOTE: This Tow Strap is NOT Certified , and must not be used for functionality.
  • Off Road use ONLY, for display.